People, who have very serious problems with their ear canals an middle ears and cannot wear their conventional hearing aid has the possibility, if the doctor advocate this, to get an bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA). Because this hearing aid and the two operations, which are needed for this aid, are very expensive, the doctor has to demand the health found to take on the high costs.


In this case, you have to take many preexaminations, to let the BAHA being fitted quiet well from the doctor. Also, there will be special examinations, to check the bone behind the ears, where the bone is thick enough. Therefore, you will be checked by computertomographie to take a lot of measurements of your skull to check where the fixture shall be located later. The doctor will check also then the conductance of the bone, because the noise will take way through bone and not any longer through ear canals and middle ear, except, you take off your BAHA.

During the first operation, the screw, made of titan will be fixed in the bone where later the abutment will be screwed on. A half year later, the skin will be reduced to the bones surface around the fixture, so the sound wave will work much better through the abutment.

If the second operation is finished, the abutment will be fixed on the fixture, where you will put in later your BAHA. After this steps,the salesman of hearing aid will tune the BAHA special for your demands that the new hearing aid will work in the best way. Also some hearing tests will be taken from the salesman too, to check, how much your hearing increased. A hearing test will be taken without your BAHA to compare the difference between those two results.

In most cases, the hearing capacity will be near to hundred percent and comes near to a normal hearing. If you use convential hearing aid, you should use always two hearing aid and this should be with BAHA hearing aid too. If you use only one hearing aid, the healthy ear will get worse, because both ears should work with same power. In sports, you should fix the safety line to avoid loss or damage. The better way is, you put your BAHA in the safety box during sports. The skin aorund the fixture needs every day a special care, because the skins is always moving and has not the same quality like a health skin. If there are doubts in care of your fixture, you should search for the doctor.



Two different BAHAs


The BAHA Classic 300

The BAHA Comfort

(newer Model)

Plastic insert with O-Ring

Inserting the BAHA Comfort

Abutment cover with inserted Plastic insert

On left side you can see the abutment snap

On left side you can see the bayonet coupling

The BAHA Comfort ist 1/3 smaller than the BAHA Classic 300



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