Special education for deaf and people
with damage of speaking in munich

This special institution was build up for people, who aren´t able to made a “normal” development, in case, most those people have mental and some problems in health. Special, in speaking and hearing, so this educations need another way to educate those people like sign language and slow teaching. They could choose between 16 different jobs in handicraft. Because the products, they produce there, are not so much, so this institution needs help from from the state, “normal” worker in form of taxes and contributions. That’s the way too, that those people don´t gain some money;  most of them lives in special appartment because they live far away from munich.

Skilled worker at industrymechanic

During the first two years, in this development, the industrymechanic learns to work with different tools, measurement tools. From an U-Steel to drilling, making high exactly drills, working with rotate tools on special machines the people learn, how to work with different kind of metal. At the end of the second year of development, the industrymechanic starts to work at CNC-machines (CNC = computer numeric control = machine with support of computer). During this development, the industrymechanic made different pieces of a steam-engine.At the end of development, he will fit his own engine and it belongs to himself. You can see some pictures here of my steam-engine.

In the appartments, where the deaf lives, they can choose between different stuff, to organize his free time, for example, dancing, taekwondo, bowling, soccer and others. Works within the appartment, some voluntary deaf can gain little money. The appartment has a disco of its own too. The reader ask for sure, why they have a disco for the deaf. The deep bass and vibrations, the deaf can feel it in their breast and abdomen, and, see the lights, which twinkle to the rhythm, they can dance too, like normal people. At the end of the development, the deaf get some beautiful memories from munich, the appartment and his education, so they will think often on this time in munich.


Distribution of Tools

The distribution of tools ist the place between quality safety (There, the pieces, which comes from the production will be measured and checked) and the production on the CNC-engines. Tools which they will be used on the different engines, will be fixed and mounted at first in my department. How they looks like, will depend on, what kind of work and piece should be produced; and, special the type of engine. If are all tools ready, the measurements will be needed, for example diameters, length. For the user on the CNC-engine, it will be easier, the measurements will be send with a program over file-transfer, so he have not to type in a lot of data.

Most of tools which we use on our engines, are special tools, which can be used only for a special production and piece. Those tools made 6 different steps and diameters in one usage. That’s a simple solution: with those tools, we can use much more places in the chain of tools in our CNC-engines. Some of those tools, we have them twice. The first scrubs, the second finish high exact diameters. For a better production, we use ceramics tool. Some of them, we can use them 4 to 5 time faster than normal tools. For areas which has to be finished exactly, we use some tools where we can adjust the edges until to 0,0001 millimeters. After adjusting, those tools will be measured in his diameter and length on a machine, supporting by a computer.

In our time, the requirements on CNC-engines are very high. So the producer oft the engines demands, that user should use only high precision and balanced tools. For sure, it depends on, how the user will use his different tools on the engine, they should be balanced normal or high precision. Normally we balance our tools in a qualtiy at 6.3g. A cars wheel will be balanced for example only at 40g.
If you use balanced tools, it will be better for the tool in itself, the engine and the engine works not so noisy. And, of course, it will be better for the neighbours, which will sleep at night, cause the noise aren´t so big.