"Crazy Horse" - a Horse is telling his story

Original I came from Hungary. Through detours I eventually arrived Germany. In my own country, the Horses are bred for universal work, normally for horseback riding and pulling a carriage. At the stud farm, where I was trained, I gave birth to a foal.

The handling of horses in my own country was sometimes rough, but in Germany it was worse for me. I didnīt know, what those people wanted from me and I had to obey without resistance. Often, they yelled, but I didnīt understand them. I lived in different barns at the horse dealer. Some new horses were coming or going, maybe they were bought from people. Every day other people came into the barn, to look at the horses and some looked at me too.

Sometimes, I had to go to other barns. People were calling it riding barn. I had to take the children and adults through the hall. Each time in the same circle. It was very boring, because I have no chance to "talk" with other horses or have some contact with them...So, because of it, it no wonder, that I got angry often and I went against those people. Brooms, long forks and other stuff I had to bear, when I didnīt react in the way those people wanted me to. On one day, a very nice woman arrived at the barn and took me away from that bad place. The woman had a barn of her own. There, the environment looked different and I never knew  a barn like that. No hitting, no yelling from people, but anyway, I had a lot fear.

Fear became less from day to day. Everyday, I got dry bread, fruits and a lot of hay. Sometimes, I got some tender kindness,  which I didnīt like very much at first. The grooming I didntīt like either, because the memories of earlier times were still present.One day, I was put on a long rope, but wasn't sure why. Did I have to run around the woman? No, I didnīt want to run in circles again, I didntīt like it anymore. Because it didnīt work the way like this woman has imagined, she called an other man to help her. Soon he arrived the barn.


To go for a walk? Oh yes, it was interesting indeed. I couldn't stop looking  around the country side, what was going on out there. So, I used to stand still every few meters to enjoy the view. The woman tried her best with me, but she didnīt understand my fascination with the country side. The woman and the man were talking about horseback riding. They put a saddle on my back. In the barn, there was not as much place like in riding school, where horses have to go all the time in circles. They both decided to go outside to the fields. I  was very excited. A stranger again, who wanted to do something else with me. This man visited me often and worked with me. Sometimes, the rope flew around my ears or he talked to me in a very low voice. It was a new experience for me, but very pleasant.

The man always rode on my back without a saddle. Maybe he just didnīt like saddles. Often, the man pull down my head. I didntīt understand it, because I wanted to see the beautiful country side. He was very clever, using dry bread that I liked. When I got used of living at that place, this man with a horse trailer arrived at my barn. I defended myself as much as I could, but they won and I was pulled into trailer.

 I was sure it was back to the noisy and boring barns again? After a short drive, we arrived at a new barn, where I have to spend the first days in a box. However, the box was not as short as I know and during the day I was able to get out with the other horses. The man came to me everyday, he tied me to the box, so I couldnīt be with the other horses. I didn't understand that for very long. Why he tied me to the box? Now I enjoy it and canīt wait till I get roomed again.  Often he took walks with me, guided me around the barn, so I could get used to my new surroundings better.

I did start to like this man very much and I enjoy every time, when he came to visit me. In the summer I had a great pleasure when he fondled my hair and scratched my back.
Working with me, he became seldom angry or impatient. If I did things right, the way he wanted, I was praised and or I got a piece of dry bread. Such a man like it I wish for every horse: He doesn't scream, he doesn't hit me with the brooms or other stuff. He tries to understand and speak my language. That way, it was much easier to work with him and I was able to understand, what he wanted.






You readers and people outside there, you have the gift to think about what you are doing !

Before you  mishandle as horses, please think at first, even though we do not understand you right away.




Here some of pictures of me, so the can see how I look.


a cold shower on hot days


thats my favorite doing *g


yes, look at this, its fine *g


there you can see the fear in my face...












My Name "Crazy Horse," named after the  Lakota Indian chief. The meaning of Lakota Crazy Horse in English or  German language is not the same like we know.

You may translate "Crazy Horse" in this way: 
"His horse is crazy for him too"