Suicide_1.jpgDuring the Civil War in 1862, the Lieutenant John Dunbar was hurt heavy on his leg. In this time, the medical equipment was very bad, so in this case many amputations were needed. J. Dunbar wonīt loose his leg and he decided to start a suicide in the battlefield. From one of the Majors who looked at this suicide, Lieutenant J. Dunbar got a prize and his horse Cisco too. Dunbar declined his promotion to Major and was moved on his own wish to a place on the border to Indian country. Arrived at his place, he looked around and found all things destroyed and he couldnīt find out, what has happened. In hope, the supplies will soon arrive, he spend time with cleaning up his place and trips on the prairie.
Sometimes, a wolf visits Dunbar who gives him signs, if there is something dangerous around the place.
One day, a native american looks around in his cabin and place. As he is going on, to steal Cisco, Dunbar dontīt know, what he should do in this case. Later, when the sioux are starting again, to steal Cisco, Dunbar has enough of this doings and wonīt be longer a target for the sioux. On his trip to the indianīs camp, he met a woman, who wants to cut her arteries. Dunbar is able to prevent her suicide and dress her arms up with his armyflag. So, he takes her to the indianīs camp where the indians were not very delighted, to met there a white man. Sad of this situation, Dunbar rides back to his Fort.
The Sioux were astonished about this meeting with Dunbar and couldnīt imagine, why this white man acts in this way. So, the indians decided to visit Dunbar in Fort Sedgewick. There, the first contact starts and Dunbar found out, that the sioux are waiting of the buffaloes, because they have nothing to eat. On the wish of the holy man "Kicking Bird" Dunbar was invited to the indianīs camp. There Dunbar meets the white woman again, he had found injured on the prairie. Because no Soldiers are coming to Fort Sedgewick, Dunbar is going to spend much more time with his neighbours, the sioux. On a hunt, they found many buffaloes without their skins, resting on the prairie. Dunbar realize now, how indifferent and avaricious the white men really are, so he have to think about this.
As they arrived all at the camp, they startet a celebration for the succesful hunt, where Dunbar was entered to the tribe as a human and honest member. Instead of fighting againt the Pawnees, Dunbar should take care of Kicking Birdīs family. Now Dunbar stays a long time with the white woman "Stands with a Fist" to learn the language and some ceremonies of the lakota. In this case, those two whites comes to know more and more and so they fall in love, before Kicking Bird heard of it.
The Attack of the Pawnee against the Siouxcamp was defended quite good because the sioux have got all guns from Dunbars old Place, Fort Sedgewick. Dunbar, called now "Dances with Wolves" knows in this time more and more, who he is and for what the sioux fight: For their Liberty and for their storages of buffaloemeat which shall bring them through hard Winters. When "Kicking Bird" knows, that those two whites were really fallen in love, he is going to marry his daughter "Stands with a Fist" with "Dances with Wolves".

Before the tribe is going into wintercamp, "Dances with Wolves" thaught of his diary and went back to Fort Sedgewick, to fetch it. There, a new troop of the US Army settled Fort Sedgewick and "Dances with Wolves" was captured by the soldiers as a "wanna-be-indian". Charged with high treason, the Soldiers transport him to Fort Hayes, but during the way to Fort Hayes, the best Friend of "Dances with Wolves" "Wind ins his hair", "Smiles a lot" and other sioux, free him from the US Soldiers.
Back at wintercamp, Chief "Ten Bears" was glad, to see his friend "Dances with Wolves" again, but he advises to break down the teepees and start to move further. Where the US Soldiers will find him, they will find the tribe too and may kill a lot of the sioux.
The ways between "Kicking Bird"
 and "Dances with Wolves" will be separated for now and "Dances with Wolves", sad about this situation, is going on to move still alone with his wife ......






Further Scenes from this movie


J. Dunbar is writing his diary


Stands with a Fist in her wedding dress

Dances with Wolves & Stands with a Fist

Wind in his hair

Last but not least: Two Socks