The movie „Dances with Wolves“ showed me a great fascination of the native americans and specially, the wolf named Two Socks. At first, it was a very beautiful creature for me, but later he should be more important for me as I know at first. DwW_1.jpgWith my other hobbies, astrology and native americans, i tried to find more informations and reports, what kind of special meaning  the wolf has to me. Like I read in some books, the astrologic sign “pisces” and in native astrology, the wolf, hasn´t so big differents like it seemed at first. Now, my interests are growing up and now i have the wolf as a very true companion and teacher.

In the beginning of the 90th years, a long dream should become true. After long discussions, my family and I decided, to buy two horses, mother and daughter. At this time at the age of 21 and 13. We bought a lot of books, reading, how to work with horses, how to train them naturally in the best way. For riding long distances in a comfortable way, we bought a western saddle. With his big surface, the saddle llies very well on the back of the horse and so the horse wouldn´t get some injury, when the saddle is fixed correct. MeinFu.jpgSo far so good, we had to take some lessons in riding on horseback in westernstyle. Some ridings in the outback were dangerous, because the horses didn’t´t know about trucks, cars, motorbikes and other stuff; MeinFu_neu.jpgso it was another hard work for us, to train the horses that they ignore the traffics and other different things which could be a danger for them. The old mare died 3 years later and her daughter, you can see on the picture on the left side (died in 2003), was then a very loyal friend and we spend 9 years of beautyful time together.
The new one, showed on the right side is going to be the same great friend like the old.

Another hobby, which I find during my time of riding on horseback are the native americans, also, it comes to a new way of life for myself. I am sad about it, why so much people can´t imagine, how nice and very interesting this hobby or way of life can be, although it can be very expensive if you enjoy the pow wows, e.g.. Like in most hobbies, if you spend them e.g. in clubs, money will be more important than real interestings. When you see, how the reality was in the past, you can not say, the natives are “noble wilds”. The civil people won´t show a big interresting in the native americans and so, they use to say, their rites, ceremonies and social doings of the natives are stupid and crazy. My interestings in the native americans are the sioux, specially the nation of the lakota. Not only their living in nature are fascinating. There are some rites, ceremonies, which are great too, although, they are very difficult and complex to understand. Their very old language which I try to learn isn´t easy, but it makes this hobby complete in itself.


The area about the native americans, i hold it intentional in a short report, because not everyone of the native americans will be enjoyed about this. Its very sad enough, that many people, special in clubs, only copy the way of native american life.