Their Descent

Today, many real native americans, looks like Asiatics. Abstammung.jpgScientists think, that the natives were coming across the bering-road into the united states which we know today. As the first european comes into the unknown land, later, some tribes mixed their culture with their own. Most french and english influences the native culture which you can see for exapmple in their languages.

Their Lifestyle

The native americans adapted her lifestyle perfectly to their environment, where they live. In South America we can see, the very old lifestyle with no influence from the civilisation. The Inuits from the North have compact bodies and are able to put on grease to survive in the very cold polar winters.

The famous natives as we know, are the tribes on the plains, well known from western movies (Dance with Wolves !). To these tribes are counting Sioux, Cheyennes, Pawnees and Crows. The correct name of "the great plains" Lebensweise_1.jpgshould be "the higher plains", because this plains are 1400 m above sealevel. So, the natives on the plains live in extremely temperatures, equal if summer or winter. The Buffalo is the most important animal on the plains, special for the native americans. He gives all what they need to survive. His excrements to make fire in winter, fur for warm clothes in winter, Leather for shoes (moccassins), skins for their teepees. Tools were made of bones, which they need to scrape flesh from the buffaloes skin. Tendon were needed to make strings for the bows or stitching their clothings. The bow in itself is made of raw hide.

The Lebensweise_2.jpgApaches in the south part of north america lives in dry environment. Their clothings protect them from big heat and their high moccassins protect them from thorns of the cactus.
Because they were not able to build up teepees, they use holes in the stone walls as their home. There they were also safe before the attacks of the white man.


Every tribe has it own special clothings, ornaments and signs, but it is not so easy, to make a clear difference between those many tribes, what name of each tribe is. Most things were stolen from the whites or batttles between two ore more tribes. Some kind of stuff has changed its owner in trades when tribes tried to live in piece with another. Favorite stolen stuff were weapons, clothings, horses. Sometimes dishes or sewing-machines were stolen by the native americans.


The Language

Sprache.JPGMost native americans are not able to speak their very old language. Only a few elders are able to speak the old language -  for sure, it depends on which tribe they belong to. In earlier time, all tribes were not able to read or write, so they had to give her speech in oral way to the next generation. Very slow some tribes began to learn to write. The Cherokee was the first nation, who began to write with pictures as we know from egypt. Later, the white man help the native americans to teach and refresh their old language. It is late, but the white man know in this time, how wonderful and great native american culture can be. So he try to keep the old culture alive. How comes, all tribes are able to understand each other when they speak different languages? They use sign-language. This language is neutral and can be understood from everyone. Today, some signs are used too in modern sign-language.


The Religion

When someone wants to know more about the native american way of life, later he wants to know, what kind of religion the native americans belong to. Maybe he will be astonished at the tribes, Religion.jpgliving their religion. Nature has a very special meaning to the natives. Every living being and stones has a soul and speech of its own. Every day begins with a prayer to Wakan Tanka, the great spirit. Stuff which they need from nature, they give tobacco or other kind of gifts to keep the spirits gentle and nature in harmony. Before they start hunting, they pray at first to get help and a nice booty. After hunting, they will pray too or going to dance and giving gifts to those spirit of animal which was hunted. In this way, you see, native americans wants to keep nature everyday in harmony and balance. They know more than white man, what special meaning the whole nature has with his creatures.