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I was born in march of 1971 in Ulm, on the beautiful danube. After a lot of tests in hospital, they discoverd that I was able to hear a little bit in spite of closed ear canals. After many ear operations i was able to hear much better than at birth.

Because I cannot hear like normal person, my parents decided, I have to go to the waldorf-school. There, it is easier to follow the lessons, cause the teacher takes more time for each one of the pupils, so they all understand the lessons well and have not so many questions. Most of the classes has up 20 to 30 pupils and the class-teacher has one class from the first class to the 8th. Then, another teacher has the higher classes from the 9th  to 12th. In 13th class, the pupils may finish in high school. The most teachers learned handicraft, e.g. Blacksmith, Sculptor or Cabinetmaker….. so, pupils in higher classes are able to test at first their favourite handicrafts for a better decission, when they need a job after school.
For sure, it was sometimes a very nice and beautiful time in school, which I finished with a nice report.

In Munich, I spend my time of education, where I learned industry mechanic in a special school, where most of the apprentices are deaf. Their, the deafs can decide between 16 different educations, special handicraft. Talks between the others and me were at first difficult, because I couldn´t speak the sign-language. In a few months, I learned it by myself and talkings worked much better. This language has a grammer of its own and like the vocal language, different dialects too.

Now, I work a few years successful as an industry - mechanic in a middle firm near to Ulm.

If you want to know more about the special school in munich or my working know, click on Job.