No other wild animal like the wolf is fixed over many centuries as a beast or man eating monster in the heads of mankind. The fairy tale of “Rotkaeppchen and the evil wolf” is one of many examples. The little girl, named “Rotkaeppchen” follows the unknown and danger in form of the wolf into the wood. Then, later the hunter, standing for the keeper of the good, guides Rotkaeppchen safely outside of the woods and its danger.


Wlf_Indian.jpgFor the native americans, the wolf has a special meaning. Although they admire him like a brother and teacher, they hunted him too, to get his fur and claws. They learned from him, how they can hunt successfully and, sometimes they went together hunting. Underneath the fur of the wolf, the native americans were able to reach the buffaloes in a very small distance to use bows and arrows much more safely than from far distance. In this case, the wolf is teacher and leader for the natives and gives them the intelligence in all situations of their life.



Many people don´t Wlf_Natur.jpgknow, what a special meaning wild animals in nature and the circle of seasons have. The wolf, one of many examples should be put back in wilderness under scientic controls, to get new informations about his lifestyle, his area, where he live and what kind of animal he would kill, if he hasn´t deer to catch. How the sentence “eat and will be eaten” says, all animals and plants depends on keeping the natural balance.




During many years the wolf was able to adjust his lifestyle to his environment equal where he lives. Often you can see crows guiding on his hunt; where he has killed an animal, the crows are soon there too, to Wlf_3.jpgpick up the rests, which the wolf leaves behind. Sometimes, nests from the crows were seen near to a wolfs earthhole, so they help each other in different things.

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Brother Wolf

Wen you hear the howl,
the wolf has arrived,
to guide you a bit allonge the way,
he takes away the hardiness of the day.
and  gives you the lightness of being.
When you hear the howl,
the wolf has arrived,
to bring you fire and love to all there is,
he gives you strength,
to escaped or change.
If you see a shadow ,
then the wolf is here ,
to be beside you,
to give you strength,
for all you're days,
to open up new ways.
Ones the howling has stopped,
the wolf is gone,
the wisdom he thought you,
is that part of you,
has become wolf.